Traditional features added to newly built apartments in Hastings

When the dilapidated Clive Vale Hotel in Old London Road, Hastings was demolished after standing empty for over 15 years, the local residents were delighted that a new development of apartments was being built on the site.

Bennett Court, situated directly on the sea front, was granted planning permission on the basis that the property remained in-keeping with its location – directly on the sea front – by including traditional stone detailing to the façade.

However, as can be seen from this photo, the detailing as shown on the submitted plans, was not included when the building was completed. This resulted in the local Labour party putting pressure on the town’s planning department to enforce the original planning permission. As they observed ‘the completed façade looks bland and unattractive and nothing like the original plans submitted’

To remedy this situation, the contractor called us in to add the ‘traditional features’ as a retro-fit to the whole development. We manufactured all the missing features off site using our unique ‘stone coat’, a product designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of any building. Taking just 3 days with 4-man team to totally transform the whole building as can be seen in this photograph.

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