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Build-Lite (UK) Ltd. Creative Architectural Moulding Solutions

Build-Lite (UK) Ltd. develop, manufacture and supply a range of innovative building products and creative architectural mouldings for the construction industry. Our aim is to provide new and innovative construction materials, that significantly reduce build-time, improve the carbon footprint and reduce handling and storage costs.

We offer a range of fast-track building products, which set out to provide cost-effective solutions to some of the commercial, financial and environmental challenges that architects and developers encounter in their construction projects today.

Stone Coat

Stone-Coat is ideally suited as a retro fit option, to enhance the aesthetic appearance of any building. Easily installed and very cost effective.

Future Found

The Future found system is the most economical and cost efficient way to pour foundations and floors. It will provide savings and time, labour and materials.

Colour Glaze

Offering a wide range of colours in both metric & imperial brick sizes. We can also replicate the traditional Salt Glazed effect masonary offering a range of glazed specials, arches and architectural features.

Litestack Chimney

Litestack chimneys provides ae a complete chimney solutions based on a ready to install, one-piece chimney stack. The chimney is simply lifted into position, bolted onto the roof trusses.

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