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Building a Passive House?

Future Found is the Foundation of an Energy Efficient Building.


What is Future Found?

Future Found is a high performance insulated raft foundation system, manufactured in the UK. Using a high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) formwork, our system is designed and manufactured to meet individual project requirements and target thermal values.

How our BBA Certified System can benefit your build

Suitable for most ground conditions and building construction, such as brick/block, timber frame, ICF and steel frame. Future Found is the ideal system for Passive House, Low Energy, Net-Zero-Energy or Energy-Plus homes.

Our system eliminates wall to floor cold bridging, achieves ultra low U-Values, as well as reducing build time, material and labour costs.

The system arrives on site as a fully engineered, ready made formwork that fits together to create a fully insulated eco-efficient structural slab foundation.
The formwork remains in the ground, allowing concrete to be poured in a single operation, eliminating the need for external shuttering as well as reducing excavation and soil removal requirements.


Our insulated raft foundation system has undergone extensive testing and assessment, with BBA & NHBC Accepts certification.

NHBS Accepts & BBA Approved

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