Overcoming planning challenges in north London.

One of our most recent projects has enabled a Hertfordshire based private property developer to secure planning permission for one of their properties in north London.

Gisburn Mansions, in the borough of Haringey, originally a three-storey Victorian terrace property, comprising eighteen privately rented, 2/3 bedroom apartments, has been substantially re-modelled to create a further twelve 2-bedroom apartments.

This has been achieved by removing the existing pitched roof, adding a new fourth storey and constructing twelve extra 2/3 bedroom apartments – each with a market value of around £370,000.

The property has been in the same family ownership for over 40 years with freeholder, Whetstone Properties, saying that it is one of the best buildings in their extensive residential and commercial portfolio.

According to them, the building, located in a desirable part of the Capital, less than five minute’s walk from Hornsey train station and adjacent to the High-Street Conservation Area, retains much of its architectural and historic merit.

Also, according to the Council’s planning committee, Gisburn Mansions make a positive contribution to the local area, despite it not being in the local conservation area. It does, however, border the nearby Hornsey High street, which is in a conservation area, and as such is subject to a material planning consideration.

One of the major considerations for them granting permission was to recognise the architectural qualities of the 20th-century building, in particular, the principal Tottenham Lane façade, especially the ornate bay windows and brick gables.

This meant that planning permission would only be granted if the renovation was able to exactly match the existing profiles and reflect the architecture of the surrounding buildings. This was especially relevant as the Council’s view was that the building could be included as part of the surrounding conservation area, at any future review.

To ensure compatibility with the surrounding properties and comply with planning permission, we recommended using our Stone-Coat architectural mouldings to reproduce the existing window profiles and cills.
Stone-Coat is produced off-site using a lightweight material that can be manufactured in almost any shape or size. Produced in our South Yorkshire factory, the ‘ready to fit’ profiles are coated with a unique material that ensures it looks and feels like stone but is considerably lighter than natural stone.
This makes them ideal for period properties and the increasing number of challenges laid down by planning regulations especially when it comes to conservation issues.

Stone-Coat enables properties to harmonies with the surrounding buildings and therefore comply with local planning permission. Also, it’s lightweight qualities also provides for a safe and easy installation as it does not require heavy equipment and specialist skill tradespeople, on-site.