How to turn a really nice house into a really really nice house

One of our clients, Render Solutions Ltd, has just done that with a little help from ourselves.

This imposing mansion in the leafy suburbs of Weybridge, home to such celebrities as Peter Crouch, Eamonn Holmes and Michael Aspel, was recently purchased for £11m. However, the new owner had even more grandiose ideas for their Country pile.

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To create their own personally designed style and look for the property.

To achieve this, they engaged an artist to create their own personal impressions of how they wanted the house to look. The approved designs were then converted into architect’s drawings and eventually into building specifications.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, the aesthetic changes make a dramatic difference to the Property.

We were approached to see if we could re-create the ‘artist impression’ using our revolutionary Stone-Coat product to create a series of lightweight architectural mouldings that could be retro fitted to the existing façade.

Stone–Coat mouldings can be produced in almost any profile or shape, all we require is a specification to work to. In this case, the client supplied us with Adobe Illustrator EPS files that enabled us to match the strength and colour of the original render.

Stone–Coat is a radical new way of thinking when it comes to property refurbishment or enhancement. Made from ultra-lightweight material, in our South Yorkshire factory, it is then coated with a unique material that looks like stone, feels like stone but is much lighter than stone.

This also makes it much easier to transport and install as there is no need for heavy lifting gear or specially - skilled tradespeople.

The outcome of this project is a magnificent family home that has been totally transformed into a truly personal magnificent family home. As we say, ‘no matter how good a property is, we can always make it better’

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