GRP Building Products

Build Lite specialises in manufacturing and supplying a range of GRP product solutions tailored to meet your specific building requirements:

What is GRP?

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), commonly known as fiberglass, is a lightweight and low-maintenance material used to produce lightweight replica reproductions of architectural features, making it an attractive choice for various construction applications. GRP combines reinforced glass fibres with a plastic matrix to achieve a strength-to-weight ratio, facilitating easy handling during installation. Growing in preference, GRP shows its ability to provide both practicality and efficiency in construction, offering a durable alternative for crafting architectural elements with ease.

Benefits Of GRP Products

Our GRP building products offer a range of benefits that save time and money for your construction projects:

  • Lightweight: Being lightweight makes them easy to handle, transport, and install. Their lightweight properties significantly reduce the overall construction time and labor costs associated with traditional building materials.
  • Easy to Install: The flexibility and adaptability simplifies the installation process, providing construction professionals with a fast and hassle-free experience. Unlike heavier materials such as steel or concrete, GRP products can be easily maneuvered.
  • Weatherproof: Whether exposed to intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, or extreme temperatures, GRP products maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. GRP is an excellent choice for exterior cladding, roofing, facades, and other outdoor applications where long-lasting protection against the elements is essential.
  • Low Maintenance: GRP resists corrosion, rot, and degradation, minimizing the need for frequent upkeep and maintenance saving you time and money. Unlike traditional materials such as wood or metal, GRP products do not require painting, sealing, or treating to maintain their appearance and performance.
  • Durable: GRP Products are extremely durable, ensuring that your building structures remain robust and reliable for a long time.