Build-Lite helps speed up traffic flow in Lincoln

Over the years, we have been privileged to work on many major restoration projects. From social housing to landmark buildings – all with one aim in mind, to replicate existing features of the original building.

One recent project featured several of our uniquely moulded profiles and lightweight GRP products. The rebuilding of an historic iconic building, demolished to accommodate a new £22m link road in Lincoln aimed at reducing traffic congestion and regenerating the local area.

However, contractor Balfour Beatty, had a problem. To make room for the new road, they had to demolish a number of properties. This included buildings located within Lincoln’s conservation area.

As part of the £22m project, English Heritage required that the heritage buildings were taken down, brick by brick, and rebuilt in their new position. The planners also required that existing materials be re-used, wherever possible.

This presented a number of challenges, not least of which was the complete replacement of the existing roof. The task of installing a new roof to modern standards while matching the architecture of the original building was undertaken by heritage specialists, Bracknell Roofing.

In addition to the installation of, rarely specified Welsh slates, the company had to ensure that all aspects of the restoration remained true to the original design and aesthetics of the area.

Where existing features could not be restored, we were able to re-create them using Stone-Coat, our unique stone – effect product that is manufactured off site to almost any shape or profile.

We also supplied a number of GRP replacements. These included a bay roof, cornices, chimneys, and a lift shaft cover. We were even able to create a new GRP sign that replicated the original.

The result of all this has provided significant benefits to the area. Traffic can now flow freely without holdups, the High street has been pedestrianized, Network Rail has installed a new footbridge including lifts and new business units and apartments have been created on a former coal yard.

The client chose a range of Build Lite products for their unique properties. They are versatile and can be moulded to replicate original features, they are lightweight making them easier to handle, requiring no expensive lifting gear or specialist technicians, and as they are manufactured in our South Yorkshire factory, they are delivered to site ‘just in time’

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