Award-Winning Elegance Made Possible with Stone Coat

Client: Nomad Developments
Project: Richmond Riverside, London UK

Nomad Developments & Award-Winning Real Estate Go Hand in Hand

Nomad Developments, winners of the prestigious Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2022 for Osprey & Rosefinch House, epitomises excellence in London’s real estate development landscape. Renowned for their captivating spaces and meticulous attention to detail, Nomad Developments collaborates with top architects, designers, and craftspeople to deliver stunning homes.

Elegant Residences Along the River Thames

Osprey & Rosefinch House, nestled along the scenic River Thames in Richmond London, stand as shining examples of Nomad Developments’ award-winning craftsmanship. These Neo Georgian Townhouses, recognised for their exceptional design and luxury, offer residents a unique blend of classical architecture and contemporary living.

Challenges in Classical Architecture

To maintain the architectural integrity of Osprey & Rosefinch House while incorporating modern construction techniques posed a significant challenge for Nomad Developments. Traditional stonework options were deemed impractical due to weight and fixing constraints, which meant it was essential to find an innovative solution to achieve the desired external detailing.

Innovative Solution: Build Lite’s Stone Coat

Nomad Developments turned to Build Lite’s Stone Coat product to overcome the challenges associated with traditional stonework. Stone Coat’s lightweight composition and design flexibility offered the ideal solution for enhancing the external detailing of the Neo Georgian Townhouses. Made from high-density EPS polystyrene material, Stone Coat replicates the look and feel of real stone while eliminating weight and fixing issues.

Enhancing Exterior Detailing

Build Lite’s Stone Coat product seamlessly integrated into the external detailing of Osprey & Rosefinch House, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and architectural finesse. From window surrounds to string courses, cornices, and coping, Stone Coat’s versatility facilitated easy installation and minimized disruptions on-site, contributing to the timely completion of the award-winning project.

Products Supplied by Build Lite
Stone Coat Window Surrounds, Stone Coat String Courses, Stone Coat Cornices and Stone Coat Coping


Architectural Elegance with Stone Coat

The integration of Stone Coat into the external detailing of Osprey & Rosefinch House elevated the townhouses’ architectural elegance to new heights. Recognised for their exceptional design and craftsmanship, the award-winning residences showcased the timeless beauty of classical neo-Georgian architecture enhanced by Stone Coat’s innovative construction solution. Not only did Stone Coat provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional stonework, but its weatherproof and durable properties ensured long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

The Success Story

Through their collaboration with Build Lite and the innovative use of Stone Coat, Nomad Developments transformed their vision of award-winning homes into reality. Osprey & Rosefinch House stand as proud recipients of the Evening Standard New Homes Awards 2022, symbolising the successful fusion of classical charm and contemporary luxury. As pioneers in London’s real estate development landscape, Nomad Developments continues to redefine modern living with their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Build Lite: Empowering Excellence in Construction

Build Lite specialises in lightweight architectural solutions, offering products that combine functionality with design flexibility. With Stone Coat, Build Lite provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional stonework, catering to the needs of award-winning construction projects while ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. From new builds to refurbishments, Build Lite’s innovative products empower architects and developers to realize their visions and create timeless masterpieces.

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Photos of Richmond Riverside properties provided by Nomad Developments.