A match made in Bristol.

We have recently completed a housing project in Bristol that required us producing architectural mouldings that matched both the specific colour and texture of the traditional product, the supplied cast stone as well as the surrounding architecture.

Created on behalf of an Independently owned developer, Autograph Homes, the builder has transformed the site of a former run-down library into an exclusive development of 36 modern apartments all housed within a mansion-style building.

Located in the lively suburb of Cotham, just minutes away from the city centre and the waterfront, the apartments have been designed for the future, with in-built ‘smart’ technology and yet include architectural features that complement the surrounding area.

One of the planning criteria laid down by the Council was that external building materials would take their inspiration from the surrounding buildings and harmonies with the neighbourhood.

This created several challenges for the architect, not only did he have to match the surroundings he also had construction issues to consider that required a lightweight solution that would match the chosen built-in cast stone product.

To achieve this, the award-winning developer, commissioned us to create bay window cornices and copings, in the local Bath stone colour that matched the supplied cast stone.

Constructed from Stone-Coat, our revolutionary lightweight material, can be manufactured to any profile or shape and gives the appearances of traditional stone but is substantially lighter. This makes it an ideal solution for matching profiles of existing buildings as well as complementing construction material.

Another major advantage of using Stone-Coat in a new – build development, is the total design flexibility and unlimited colour and finish options offered. Also, as a lightweight product, Stone-Coat provides for a safe and easy installation requiring non-heavy equipment and non-specialist skill tradespeople.

All 36 apartments in the Old Library development were sold very quickly and Autograph Homes has been nominated for awards from both the Building Safety Group (BSG) and major warranty provider, Premier Guarantee.

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