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Epsi-Clad is a universal, insulating profiled carrier system for both brick and stone slips, which eliminates the need for traditional skills and time consuming preparatory work.

The natural appearance and beauty of brick and stone within our buildings can be maintained, whilst speeding up construction time and reducing the need for skilled labour.

Epsi-Clad | Build-Lite

The system can be applied to: Masonry • Timber • Steel Frames.

The panel is permanently bonded to the substrate by adhesive and mechanical fixings, with the cladding brick or stone faces applied with our specially designed adhesive for absolute confidence.

Advantages of Epsi-Clad

  • Modern method of construction: maintains the natural, traditional appearance and beauty of brick and stone in our buildings, speeding construction and reducing the need for skilled labour.
  • Lightweight: no foundations required.
  • Versatile: allows the use of any and every coursed brick or stone size. ‘The choice is yours’.
  • Quick to install: easy to install, including corners and reveals without the need for traditional bricklaying skills, uniquely suitable for the enthusiastic DIY’er. Taking brick and stone off the critical path of construction for the professional.
  • Ideal for new build and refurbishment: saving time and money, suitable for the government’s ‘Green Deal’ initiative.
  • Other new products: glazed bricks, blocks and special effect finishes, extending the range of colours and textures available to the designer (please ask for further information).
  • Weatherproof: creating a waterproof barrier (unlike traditional brick and stone).
  • Environmentally friendly: panels supplied in a range of thicknesses to allow you to achieve your required ‘U’ values for thermal insulation reducing heat loss and saving.


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