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Colour Glaze

Colour Glaze

Looking for a bright clean and cost effective method for all areas of glazed masonry, if so look no further.

Colour Glaze is a spray applied coloured bonding coat which offers a glazed effect finish in a range of vivid colours. The finish can be either high gloss or satin and will give an eye catching appearance for the lifetime of the building.

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Colour Glaze offers the prospect of structural masonry with a modern twist including a range of colours to suit any situation. The ability to offer masonry in corporate colours being just one option and the low maintenance aspect of the product should not be forgotten.

We can offer a wide range of colours in both metric and imperial brick sizes. We can also replicate the traditional Salt Glazed effect masonary offering a range of glazed specials, arches and architectural features.

Special Effects

Rainbow XL and shimmer effects create an amazing sparkling look that really comes to life under bright lights.

With the marble effect you can achieve the appearance of a deep marble, snake skin, plus many other effects!

We can glaze effect any brick special to suit your specification. We can change any style of brick into a stunning special glazed effect finish.

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